KNOW the costs, tasks and forecasts of your next funnel
AI based funnel software to help you plan, create and optimize for a successful campaign.
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Budget Allocation
AI Based
Most funnels fail because of these 12 reasons...
No guidance from a skilled marketing strategist.
Poor project management.
Not knowing the right steps to take.
Unrealistic expectations or no specific funnel goal.
Launching too early.
Poor funnel budget management.
Doing all the work yourself or hiring the wrong people.
No wholistic view of the funnel metrics (KPIs).
No ongoing optimization budget.
Not knowing what to optimize and when to optimize.
No long-term monthly ad budget.
Abandoning the funnel project too quickly.
Whew... that's A LOT of reasons, and you probably can related to a few of them.
... but how would you like an easy way to avoid the mistakes above?
What if ... 
Artifical Intelligence could walk you through the stuff you didn't know - you didn't know? 
And provide the goal forecasts, launch plans, budget allocation sheets, and real-time KPI insights you really need to create and optimize a funnel that... actually produces results?
And what if...
our team helped you locate skilled and affordable consultants who can complete the tasks better and faster than you?

That's all possible with... YouShare360 BackOffice
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How It Works...
Avoid unrealistic funnel expectations by using our Goal Forecast
Our goal forecaster will let you know the following:
How long it will take to reach your funnel goal
The estimated ad spend budget
Your out of pocket expenses
The estimated return on ad spend
Total clicks and leads you will need to reach goal
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Whiteboard the entire funnel process with drag & drop editor
Design your funnel blueprint in seconds
Quickly modify your funnel strategy when necessary
See the full view of your entire funnel
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Review and assign auto-generated funnel tasks to a team member or outside consultant.
Never underestimate or guess what needs to be done, because our software will auto-generate relevent tasks for each object you drag on the canvas.
Understand scope of work
Justify time and costs needed to client or employer
Quickly know what need to be done
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Build a fully functional funnel using our drag and drop page editor.
Yup... you can do that here too!
We have all of the widgets you need to build any kind of funnel page you desire.
Easily split test your funnel pages and emails
Save your page layout as templates to use in another funnel
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Typically you will let your funnel run for 7 to 14 days before optimizing
The BackOffice will remind you when to review the analytics of your funnel
Make sure to have a monthly optimization budget so you can perform step 6 better.
View stats for each funnel step to locate performance issues
Real time funnel analytics
Understand where improvements need to take place
Understand the overal health of your funnel
Easily add UTM codes for better traffic insights
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