Predict the Outcome of Your Funnel Before You Build it
AI based funnel software to help you plan, create and optimize for a successful campaign.
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Perfect for eCommerce owners, service providers and digital marketing agencies.
Budget Allocation
AI Based
Get The Answers You Need BEFORE You Build Your Next Funnel
With built-in artificial intelligence our funnel software helps business owners forecast the outcomes of their funnel over the next 24-months before they build it so they can achieve their goals with less risk. 
Which funnel blueprint will get you to your goal?
How much adSpend will be required to reach your funnel goal?
What performance benchmarks do each of the steps in your funnel need to be in order to reach your goal?
How much time it will take to achieve your funnel goal?
What re-investments and optimization goals will you have to commit to in order to reach your goal?
If you're selling physical products then how much inventory will you need over the next 24- months so that you don't have bottlenecks when it comes to scaling.
We're able to provide all of this before you spend a dime on your marketing funnel.
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4 Step Process
1. Create Funnel Blueprint
Using an existing template or build one from scratch. Map out every automation step and get a full view of your funnel from beginning to end.
Easy to use, drag-n-drop whiteboard
10 templates to get you up in running fast
Share funnel blueprints with your team or clients
2. Set Benchmarks To Achieve Profitable ROAS.
Finally launch every funnel with clear targets. Forecast your CPC, conversion rates, Ad spend, visitors, leads, sales and ROI all before building your funnel.
Estimate cost per page visit and conversion rates
Calculate net sales, ROAS and other key metrics
Know exactly what benchmarks to hit to achieve your funnel goal
3. Forecast the Next 24-Months
Calculate how your funnel will perform over the next 2 years and know when key milestones are met.
Calculate ad spend re-investment to accommodate scale strategy
Forecast optimization growth rate for specific funnel objects
Estimate how many months it will take to reach your goals
Calculate your inventory based on sales forecast to avoid scale bottlenecks
4. Allocate Budget and Assign Auto-Generated Tasks to Skilled Resource
Know what to do, and what it will cost to build your next successful funnel. 
Funnel tasks are auto-generated to improve productivity and quality assurance
Set budget priority for tasks that increases ROI
Assign each tasks to skilled resource and manage the entire project
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This has to be the most amazing opportunity I have ever seen. 

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